Unplugged & Totally Uncut

Lauren Weedman Miss Fortune

March 16, 201612 min
Lauren Weedman is not okay. She’s living what should be the good life in sunny Los Angeles. She has a great career, a loving husband, and an adorable baby boy, but she finds herself starring in a tabloid-worthy nightmare: she’s a Hollywood actress whose husband has an affair with their babysitter. Join Lauren on March 15th as she turns a piercingly observant, darkly funny lens on the way her life is actually Not Okay, discussing: •Meeting her birth mother for the first time: “Our reunion, though life-changing, wasn’t the hysterical emotional scene I’d been led to believe it would be from all the dramatic reunions I’d been watching on Oprah since seventh grade.” •First (and only) threesome: “They shouldn’t call them three-ways. They should call them “piles of idiots.” •On becoming a mother: “People keep assuming that I’m going to be this wacky mom type. They’re assuming that my whole “I’m an asshole who can’t do anything right!” is real, and I’m going to play that shtick right into

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