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Lawrence Goen From Styx

May 22, 201421 min
LAWRENCE GOWAN: STYX keyboardist / co - vocalist / co -writer since 1999. Living in Toronto, Lawrence has enjoyed a tremendous career since the 1980’s. Lawrence has scored 6 top ten singles, 4 platinum albums, 3 gold albums, and one gold single in Canada. In May of 2011 Mr. Gowan received a star on the Scarborough walk of fame. In 2003 he received the prestigious “classic status” award for the song “moonlight desires”. This award is presented when your song gets played over 100,000 times on Canadian radio. With this, Gowan joins a small group of singer /songwriters from Canada such as Neil Young, Bryan Adams, and Joni Mitchell to be so honored. Another Lawrence Gowan song “ a criminal mind ” was # 1 in Canada in 1985, and can also be found on the live STYX album from 2001, “STYXWORLD.” And you can find “ criminal mind ” on the Styx cd/dvd two disc set titled “ STYX, 21st century live ” Lawrence has been terminally diagnosed with C.E.S. (chronic entertainers sy

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