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Lisa Jakub You Look Like That Girl

August 17, 201517 min
Hello. I’m Lisa – a writer, traveler, devoted yogi, wife and dog-mom. I also make really good spinach gnocchi. I began my acting career at the age of four in Toronto, Canada. For the next eighteen years, I worked consistently in the film industry in Los Angeles, in projects that ranged from Hollywood blockbuster to cutting room floor. At the age of 22, I realized that there must be more to life than premieres and pretending to be other people. I suspected that there was something outside of movies that would feel more authentic to me. I left the film industry under the guise of following the man I loved to Virginia. Luckily, the man I loved really was in Virginia, so it all worked out and we lived happily ever after in our own version of a Hollywood ending. While figuring out how to be a normal person, I have dedicated myself to my lifelong love of words and my profound respect for a well-told story. My memoir, You Look Like That Girl, is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or by req

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