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Losing Our Soundtracks

April 12, 20175 min
As of late. Many of us have shared one thing in common. Though the news headlines are cracked. The price of food and medicines continue to grow and the world feels like it's tilting. The one thing as a community that we are having a difficult time dealing with is the loss of our soundtracks. We grasp the concept of birth, living then passing. But what we didn't prepare for is the large number of musicians, actors, authors and other people of fame that helped shape us are moving to the next level. As a kid we'd laugh about death coming in threes. I honestly don't think that's true anymore. I paged through my daily writing and came across something written in January of 2016. A year has gone by. I still feel the impact of hearing the news about Glenn Frey of the Eagles soaring off to another mountain top. I may have written about it to help heal the moment in 2016. But a year later I see it as maybe more of us should be documenting the days of why the artists that became our soundtrack had such an impact. There'll be a day when you'll want to remember but because you didn't write it down. It's gone forever.

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