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Mariam Pare Faith In Hope

October 24, 201511 min
As a 20-year-old college-level art student, Mariam Paré dreamed of a career making art. But Mariam’s dream diverted tragically off course when she was caught in a cross-fire of gang violence. Shot in the back, the attack left Mariam a quadriplegic; permanently unable to walk with significant loss of use of her upper extremities. It was during a long period of rehabilitation that Mariam was taught to hold a pencil in her mouth to write her name. Soon, her dreams were given new life as she began painting with her mouth. Last year, Mariam and actor/artist Pierce Brosnan bonded over the healing powers of art (as seen in the photos above and this Reuters story). Mariam’s visits with Children and PIERCE BROSNAN MFPA Museum + Brosnan http://kefmediastream.com/broll/mfpa_pare_broll.wmv http://kefmediastream.com/broll/mfpa_pare_broll.mov.zip Mariam recently visited and painted portraits for KATHY LEE AND HODA http://kefmediastream.com/broll/mfpa_pare_broll_nbc.wmv http://kefmediastream

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