Unplugged & Totally Uncut

Marine Staff Sgt. Michael Golembesky

September 6, 20149 min
The Afghan war has become the longest battle in U.S. military history, and as Michael Golembesky shows in LEVEL ZERO HEROES, a conflicted and complex one as well. As a member of the elite Marine Special Operations team, Golembesky knows all too well that the Rules of Engagement our nation’s military leaders impose on U.S. servicemen and women are possibly making not just their jobs more difficult they could be putting lives at risk. Why are these “rules” enacted and what does the military leadership expect to gain from them as U.S. soldiers on the front lines in the war on terror often have their hands tied? Mike Golembesky writes from the heart and the gut as one who was there with his fellow Marines in one of the nastiest battles our forces have encountered in the 12+ years we’ve been entrenched in Afghanistan. This is the first book about the U.S. Marines Special Operations since it was created in 2006. As the U.S. prepares for the long-awaited draw down in Afghanistan, and the tur

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