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Mark Haskell Smith Naked At Lunch

June 6, 201512 min
We have reached a point where people are “Naked and Afraid” and “Dating Naked” on TV, where being naked seems on the one hand to be having a cultural moment. And yet on the other, there are widespread crackdowns on public nudity, from the closure of naked beaches across the country to the 2013 legislation banning public nudity for the first time in San Francisco. Mark Haskell Smith, comic novelist turned participatory journalist, knew that there is only one way to get a true perspective on the world of nudism. You guessed it, get naked. The result is NAKED AT LUNCH: A Reluctant Nudist's Adventures in the Clothing-Optional World (Grove Press; June 2, 2015; 978-0-8021-2351-0). After a consult with his dermatologist on proper sunscreen application, Haskell Smith is off to his first nudist resort in Palm Springs. From there he continues to explore the world of nudism, from the mundane—grocery shopping sans clothes in France—to the adventurous—scaling Austrian Alps on the Naked European Wal

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