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Mark Rampolla High Hanging Fruit

July 26, 201616 min
n 2004, Mark Rampolla had made it. He was making $300,000 a year, traveling the world with his family, and poised to rise to the top of a Fortune 100 company. There was just one problem: he had lost his passion at work and was struggling to find his next project. Suddenly Rampolla realized that his big idea was hanging right overhead. From his time in the Peace Corps and now living in Central America, he and his family came to love drinking coconut water, just like the locals. It had long been a staple in Latin American culture, but few had seen any potential in importing it to the U.S. Undeterred, he launched ZICO Coconut Water. In less than a decade, his start-up was one of the global leaders of an $8 billion new beverage category. ZICO’s success brought hundreds of millions of dollars to struggling farmers across the tropical world, while also delighting American consumers with a healthy beverage alternative. Join Mark Rampolla on Thursday, July 21st as he shares the gritty de

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