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Matt Pinfield All The Things I've Done

September 12, 20168 min
“Matt was the Man for those of us who beheld his rock wisdom on MTV. This is his life as a raconteur, a bon vivant, but most of all a fan who never lost his raw passion and burning heart and gargantuan music appetite. He makes rock & roll fandom sound like a lifelong heroic quest—which it is.” —Rob Sheffield, author of Love is a Mixtape If you are a fan of classic 1990s MTV, Matt Pinfield needs no introduction. As host of “120 Minutes”, and before that as a DJ at the influential New Jersey rock station WHTG, Matt Pinfield helped usher in the alternative rock explosion that reached its apotheosis in the mid 90s. Pinfield started out as the ultimate rock fan and ended up with the ultimate all-access pass as a participant, eyewitness, and authority. ALL THESE THINGS THAT I’VE DONE: My Insane, Improbable Rock Life (Scribner, September 2016) is his story, and therefore also the story of the last five decades of rock. ALL THESE THINGS THAT I’VE DONE includes behind the scenes stories of Pi

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