Unplugged & Totally Uncut


March 24, 201419 min
Music is where memories lives. It's a gateway to any place you want to travel. Before there can be a past. Music has to be allowed to grow in your present. For there to be memories. Art allows you to endure discoveries. In this modern age of silently wading through ipods and notebook downloads. The disappearances of the musician continues to grow. To be requires the need to be liked. For the moment is all so many try for. When in reality...rarely if ever does a moment become a lifetime when a face book liking is the best you can offer the maker of the key that generated a present memory. Melodime. Pictures of a reason. The physical act of holding true to the escape. A given platform that takes the human imagination into the jagged corners of the present meeting tomorrow. Having the courage to want to be found on your digital device. Not just today...but any day you the human need desires to hold onto a moment... a little bit longer than just being liked.

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