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Michael Blanding The Map Thief

June 1, 201510 min
THE MAP THIEF interweaves the fascinating history of this high-stakes criminal with stories of the explorers and mapmakers Smiley knew better than anyone, all situated within the context of the secretive, dog-eat-dog subculture of map collecting that consumed Smiley. Though pieces of the map theft story have been written before, Blanding is the first reporter to have the rare privilege of having access to Smiley himself after he’d gone silent in the wake of his crimes. THE MAP THIEF is thus the first book to explore this story in full, and through a series of exclusive interviews with Smiley and other key individuals, Blanding expertly reports an astonishing tale of personal destruction and redemption. While uncovering the roots of Smiley's crimes, Blanding divulges the implications of Smiley’s crimes on dealers, libraries, collectors, and map lovers alike. THE MAP THIEF is a fascinating and complex story of personal obsession and private rivalries t

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