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Michael Burgi Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials

February 13, 201610 min
Once again, the anticipation around ads in the Super Bowl rivals that of the game itself—and brands are looking to capitalize on that excitement by rolling out their spots, or at least teasers, early. Already, several commercials—including Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen for Bud Light, Marilyn Monroe for Snickers and Wix's tie-in with the forthcoming film Kung Fu Panda 3—have people talking. Despite the record $5 million price tag, brands are lining up to be part of the event for the first time—among them, Amazon, LG Electronics and Apartments.com. Advertisers like Snickers and Kia that had big hits last year are betting that lightning will strike a second time. And as always, celebrities will have a starring role. Aside from Schumer and Rogen, this year's lineup includes Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino for Amazon, Key & Peele for Squarespace (replacing a somnolent Jeff Bridges last time around), Christopher Walken for Kia (following Pierce Brosnan) and Liam Neeson for LG. Here's a look at 10 a

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