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Nicholas Irving The Reaper

February 1, 201519 min
From Forward Operating Base (FOB) Wilson in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Irving would establish a reputation as a sniper that went well beyond the boundaries of his battalion. His extraordinary talents and success caused ripples of fear throughout the militants in the area. However, THE REAPER is more than just a recounting of kills on missions. Irving goes where few who have written about their war experiences have gone before. He brings the reader to the front line of battle, while allowing the reader to experience the human condition and frailty one deals with in such a deadly environment. The myriad progressions a sniper must go through for that one shot is something each reader will also feel inside them. And that moment the shot is taken will leave the reader breathless. This feeling is expertly captured in chapter 6, The Chechen Comes Calling. Here Irving relates his pulsating encounters with a rival sniper, The Chechen. Their Danse Macabre, played out over the desert sands of the Mid

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