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Nick Redfern Zombie Encylopedia

November 1, 201410 min
"Even if you’re a zombie fanatic, I’ll wager you know only a fraction of zombie facts, lore, and legend. Well, now you can get completely up to speed with The Zombie Book: The Encyclopedia of the Living Dead. This book provides comprehensive information about every zombie movie and TV show ever made. The most interesting entries . are the ones about creatures, lore, or historical events with which I am not familiar." - About.com "The Zombie Book is appropriately chock full of relative zombie items. It’s not just all films and/or legends but more an overview of items and subjects that fall under higher interest items in the zombie genre. This is a great zombie reference book presented by 2 amazing authors. - HorrorNews.net "...an amazing anthology that shows how zombie myths have grown throughout history and around the world. ... A fascinating, informative collection that anyone interested in the history of zombies will want to read. It’s funny, scary, and sometimes shocking." - Library

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