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Pastor Aubrey Shines Glory To Glory Ministries

November 8, 201521 min
Pastor Aubrey Shines, is Founder of Glory To Glory Ministries located in the inner city of both Tampa and Orlando Florida. "Ben Carson's faith as a Seventh-day Adventist came under fire at a Donald Trump rally on Saturday when the billionaire suggested his Presbyterian faith was superior. Having recently slipped behind Carson in the Iowa polls, Trump told a crowd in Florida, "I love Iowa. And, look, I don't have to say it, I'm Presbyterian. Can you believe it? Nobody believes I'm Presbyterian. I'm Presbyterian. I'm Presbyterian. I'm Presbyterian . . . Boy, that's down the middle of the road folks, in all fairness. I mean, Seventh-day Adventist, I don't know about. I just don't know about." On Sunday, Carson was given the opportunity to respond on Fox News, but said "I really refuse to really get into the mud pit" with Trump. Gathered below are 12 things you may or may not know about Seventh-day Adventists and their unique system of belief..." READ: http://www.newsmax.com/T

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