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Patrick Nolan From Penguin Books

August 1, 201513 min
2015 marks 80 extraordinary years of Penguin Books. Our publishing list encompasses a wide range of titles, from the most influential works of world literature to cutting edge contemporary fiction and distinguished nonfiction. During an interview Patrick Nolan can discuss: The History of Penguin •Allen Lane’s revolutionary idea to offer affordable, quality paperback books through such outlets as railway stations and newsagents as well as bookshops. He wanted to make good books as accessible and as easy to procure as a pack of cigarettes at a kiosk. •Lane wanted a dignified but flippant symbol for his new book-publishing business. His secretary suggests a penguin, and another employee was sent to the London Zoo to make some sketches. •In 1946 The Penguin Classics series is launched with Emile Victor Rieu’s translation of Homer’s The Odyssey, making classic texts accessible to everyone. •In 1935, Penguin Books were published only in the U.K. Now they’re published globally in the United

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