Unplugged & Totally Uncut

Phil Collen Def Leppard Delta Deep

June 26, 20159 min
I still remember playing my first Def Leppard 45 on KOOK in Billings, Montana. Every jock cranked up the tunes to unheard of volumes. I'm shocked they didn't have to replace the entire sound system in the studio. I credit Def Leppard for saving the life of AM radio. We would've been long gone if it hadn't been for the Phil, Rick, Joe and Vivian. It was an age when MTV was pouring our vidoes and FM was hiring air talent with personalities. Def Leppard continues to pour their soul into the road. They're endless with touring and solo adventures. Phil has created with Man Rave as well as his new release from Delta Deep. While still writing and recording music for a new Def Leppard album set for release in October. Then in January. The first ever Def Leppard Cruise complete with a hidden away island.

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