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Rob Sheffield On Bowie

July 12, 201620 min
On his sixty-ninth birthday, David Bowie released his latest masterpiece, Blackstar. Two days later, on the morning of January 10th, 2016, the world found out that this would be his last. Every major news outlet broke the news that Bowie had died of the cancer few knew he had. Shock was the first response from fans and media alike. Then came the grief. “It was like losing a member of my family” was the phrase pinged around social media over and over, and in the months since, the flood of emotions hasn’t stopped. Over fifty years, Bowie changed lives with his innovative, iconic, wholly original style. His life was spent striving to find new ways to surprise and challenge our sense of what was possible in art, music and living. Ever changing, always experimenting, Bowie brought his fans along on his journey of discovery, building a unique community around the world. Being a Bowie fan was a lifelong adventure like none other. In this short, spare book, highly regarded Rolling Stone crit

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