Unplugged & Totally Uncut

Scorpions Return To Forever

September 11, 201517 min
“There’s something unreal about the number,” reckons Klaus Meine...the video for “Wind Of Change” has been viewed more than 108 million times on YouTube to date. VEVO meticulously recorded the view requests and certified them. With this, Scorpions are the first German band cracking the 100 million click mark. Once again, Scorpions have written a piece of music history. The number is not only impressive, it also highlights Scorpions phenomenon. 50 years after a very young Rudolf Schenker founded the band in the profoundly provincial, post-war Hannover, Scorpions remain a band that is able to attract masses of new fans at any given time. A fact that surprises even the musicians themselves, as they gladly admit. “It’s really remarkable,” says Rudolf Schenker, “how well and mostly unharmed we’ve survived those years, in which our kind of music seemed to have gotten out of style completely. When the grunge wave hit the shore, we simply went to Asia to tap new markets and gain new fans. We w

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