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Scotty McCreery Go Big Or Go Home

May 24, 20167 min
Scotty will be talking about his new book, Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream, which was released this week on May 3. The book tells stories from all areas of Scotty's life: • Discovering Elvis at age 5 when his grandmother gave him a book – How To Be Like Elvis – and how Elvis has remained his main musical influence • Scotty is 25% Puerto Rican – his paternal grandmother is 100% Puerto Rican and met his paternal grandfather when his grandfather was in the service. • He wouldn't go to the Nashville audition for "American Idol" because it interfered with his church camp that year. • Instead, he and his mom and dad went to the Wisconsin "American Idol" audition on a whim. They didn't tell anyone, even his sister (who was at church camp that week) that they were going. • He was prepared for his audition with Josh Turner's "Your Man," Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight" and Jamey Johnson's "In Color." But after remaking it through a couple of auditions, he had to

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