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Simon Gleave From Gracenote Sports

July 30, 20167 min
Can the USA once again top the Rio 2016 medal count? What should Americans expect from Michael Phelps and Jordan Spieth? Is 2016 set to be a record year for female athletes? Which country is ripe for the biggest medal letdown? Using performance data from thousands of events and an extensive Olympic database dating back more than 100 years, Simon Gleave, Head of Analysis at Gracenote Sports, is forecasting the most likely gold, silver and bronze medal winners by country. Simon is available via phone to breakdown the “Virtual Medal Table,” which organizes these complicated data models, and he shares predictions right before the Games. About Simon Gleave Gracenote Sports offers rich data on 4,500 of the world’s most popular leagues and competitions as well as a deep trove of historical Olympics information going back to the very first modern games in 1896.

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