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Simon Majumdar Fed White and Blue

April 25, 201521 min
Host of Cutthroat Kitchen and author of Good Eats, Simon Majumdar is not exactly who you might envision when you think of a typical immigrant to the United States. But immigrate he did when he met his future wife, and he was content with a green card until he came across a burly TSA agent who asked him if he ever planned on making it official. As someone who is very proud of his heritage, he wanted becoming an American to mean something, and so he turned to the thing he knows best: food. Simon dives headfirst into the food cultures that make up America—brewing beer, picking vegetables, working at a food bank, and even finding himself, very reluctantly, at a tailgate. FED, WHITE, AND BLUE is a warm, funny, and inspiring portrait of becoming American. “If I really wanted to go and find out more about America and Americans, food was the best – in fact the only- way I should do it. I knew from all my previous travels that the moment you talk to people about the food they eat or, better

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