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Steve Mazan Dying To Do Letterman

June 20, 201523 min
STEVE is embarking on a military comedian tour here’s some brief info to also incorporate into interview in addition to promoting the film trailer attached the military shows. They are all on bases in Japan and Korea so there is no real marketing done except on the bases themselves.. I can tell you that I will be doing about a dozen show over two weeks on various naval and army bases. I’ll be doing the shows with fellow comedian Cash Levy. I’ve done these to Japan & Korea before, and I’ve also done 8 trips to Iraq & Afghanistan since 2003. David Letterman gave us all a lot more than laughs in his 30 plus years on late night tv. With his recent retirement, this is a well-timed story. Faced with a fatal diagnosis and only a few years to live, what would you do? Comedian Steve Mazan chose to follow his life long dream and get as many laughs as he could. Dying to Do Letterman, an award-winning documentary, is the result. It's a film now available free from Hulu, and it will leave you

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