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Stop Using Over The Counter ED Solutions

October 19, 201511 min
The Carolina Men's Clinic and it's sister property, The Raleigh Clinic For Men, lead the Carolina's in men's sexual health and performance. In a recent study, over 50% of the men over the age of 45 will experience some form of erectile dysfunction for an extended period of time. Over 1/3rd of those will experience full blown permanent E.D. While many men have success with the prescribed oral medications, up to 60% of those men don't get the results they want. That's where our licensed North Carolina physicians and medical staff come to your rescue. Using FDA approved ingredients, blended into a custom formulation, our doctors have success on the first visit 92% of the time. Why such a high success rate? Because fixing your ED is what we do all day, every day. The next step is simple. Just call the clinic at 704 981 0033 and set up an appointment. Meet with the doctor, get a test dose and if you don't see results in the office, you owe us nothing, that's our guarantee to you.

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