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Suzanne Somers Tox Sick

May 16, 201521 min
We are under the greatest toxin assault in history, and our bodies have reached their tipping point. These toxins are making us tox-sick. Our bodies, especially our livers (our internal filters) are exhausted, and now the tiniest added chemical exposure can launch a plague of “unexplained” symptoms that put us at risk of seemingly unrelated but commonly linked toxic overload conditions: fatigue, migraines, bloating, nausea, arthritis, Crohn’s, brain fog, even autism, ADHD, depression, and cancers. It’s time to detox your entire life to save it. Suzanne Somers, bestselling health pioneer and advocate, knows that our well-being and lifespans are in the balance. With aid from respected physicians, she wants to help us avoid tox-sickness from the massive environmental chemical attack that is permeating everyone right to the cell level, including our newborns and children. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to turn your life around. There are easy steps to get you back on a good path, boost y

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