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Taya Kyle American Wife

June 23, 201511 min
In one of the most remarkable memoirs of the year, AMERICAN WIFE (William Morrow, May 4, 2015), Taya Kyle shares her private story—a universal chronicle of love and heartbreak, service and sacrifice, faith and purpose that will inspire every reader. Chris and Taya’s remarkable story has captivated millions through Clint Eastwood’s blockbuster, Academy Award-nominated film American Sniper, starring Bradley Cooper as Chris and Sienna Miller as Taya, and because of Chris’s bestselling memoir, in which Taya contributed passages that formed the book’s emotional core. Now, with trusted collaborator Jim DeFelice, Taya writes in never-before-told detail about the hours, days, and months after his shocking death when grief threatened to overwhelm her. Then there were wearying battles to protect her husband’s legacy and reputation. And yet throughout, friendship, family, and a deepening faith were lifelines that sustained her and the kids when the sorrow became too much. Two years after her husb

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