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Ted Gioia Love Songs

February 12, 201518 min
Musical historian and Daily Beast columnist Ted Gioia uncovers the hidden truths of love, one of the most dominant themes of music in the last millennium. While many tend to view love songs as simple, sentimental, and formulaic, Gioia proves that no other style of music has led to more censorship, controversy, or reprisals. Based on more two decades of research, Love Songs provides readers with the backstories that shaped the most popular hits including Darwin’s theory of evolutionary connection between animal songs and human music courtship, the fertility rites of ancient cultures, and the sexualized YouTube videos of the present day. The colorful and contentious history of the love song also includes anecdotes on such artists as Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter, Elvis Presley, Stevie Wonder, Cher, and Miley Cyrus. As Gioia writes in his Introduction: “The persistence of the love song throughout human history testifies to its hold on us. More than a cultural meme, it appear

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