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The Man Behind The Commercial Music

May 20, 201430 min
Why do listeners instantly tune out of radio commercials? Wait! They tune out? No way! Research shows that listeners will sit through ten minute stop sets and learn everything about buying new cars, homes and chickens for a ranch you'll one day host. Lets take the medicine man game off the map and play reality. Listeners tune out. They zip past commercials on TV. They hit the button when their favorite station dives into a bunch of words that have nothing to do with their life and style. Copy writing and the "Right" music aren't just the key features of success. They are the entire door connected to the foundation that makes up the house placed on a city block. But what do radio people do? They bang out spots. They say it! Commercial production isn't a gig. It's a performance. It's a connection between the client and your listener. It's like being a third party without having to negotiate the end result. You set it out there. The listener buys into the idea of someth

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