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The Weber Movie Countdown March 3 2017

March 4, 201724 min
The first weekend after the Oscars. John made his way to his favorite theater to catch up on the nominated films he'd been forced to miss. Yep forced... Theaters are endlessly trying to reach out and super serve their customers. In the past thirty years we've moved from huge auditoriums to multiplex performances. But because there's a theater on nearly ever bock the competition has risen and several seats remained unfilled. The next step was to go all out luxury. Which took those houses of 200 plus and made them lesser. That means they're easier to fill but for movie fans you've got to get your tickets ahead of time. Especially since many of these luxury theaters are asking their patrons to pick their seat before entering. Like going to a concert. Theaters are filling up very quickly and major productions aren't getting the 200 plus hits per showing but rather 125 or less. That's what John and I talk about plus the Oscar nominated films he finally got to watch.

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