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Tim MacWelch How To Survive Off The Grid

October 14, 20168 min
Survival Expert Tim MacWelch Offers Valuable Tips for Surviving Disasters or Just Unplugging from the Grid How to Survive Off the Grid from Best-Selling Author Tim MacWelch Offers Practical Tactics for Self-Reliance in the Great Outdoors “One major disaster, natural or man-made, could force an entire region or nation to rely on their own personal means," according to best-selling author and survival expert Tim MacWelch. Whether you dream of leaving it all behind and unplugging from modern society, or preparing for natural or man-made disasters, the new book How to Survive Off the Grid has you covered. Tim draws upon his personal experience of off-the-grid living and offers valuable tips on topics such as solar power, living without plumbing, growing food, keeping warm and much more. In addition, outdoor enthusiasts will also value Tim's insights on what to do if a bear attacks; understanding which insects are edible; how to survive lightning and much more. Tim MacWelch is the New

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