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Tom Burgoyne and Evan Marcus Pheel The Love

December 14, 201617 min
Sports’ #1 Mascot Shows How the Power of Love Can Lift You and Your Organization to the Top of the Standings! In this world of fast-paced change, businesses everywhere are searching for the critical levers to ensure their continued growth and sustainability. When competitors can easily match you on price and imitate your product, what advantage do you have? There is an answer that has been hiding from all of us in plain sight. It is a solution that is rarely, if ever, associated with business. It is a powerful and pragmatic force that is an incredible driver of results — it is…wait for it…LOVE. How is that possible? How can love be a differentiating factor for your business? And what the heck does the Phillie Phanatic have to do with all of this? Pheel the Love! will open your eyes to the following: * How the Phillie Phanatic inspires fierce loyalty from his fans. * How to understand the business case for love — and why companies who know how to create loyal, loving fans ou

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