Unplugged & Totally Uncut

Tommy DeCarlo On The Air

December 3, 201331 min
Boston's brand new CD is out. Life Love & Hope grips fans of the band by the rims of their wire framed reading glasses and ignites their feet to feeding the children of their children with the very sound that helped make Classic Rock more than music for old men. In an age of double click purchases on ITunes and Amazon.com Boston gives back to music by pouring emotion driven riffs, real organs and harmonies that seize control of your willingness to be silent. Within seconds you're back to what I call the Plastic Coated Bathroom Mirror Concert. Those moments when Boston puts you on your own stage and no matter whose listening around the world. You're blaring those vocals like a true Rock Star. The luckiest of them all. Is new guy Tommy DeCarlo. Passion, dedication and loyalty took him away from Home Depot and put him on stage with Tom Sholtz. http://www.bandboston.com/html/td_html.html https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tommy-DeCarlo/127407110692849?id=127407110692849&sk=likes

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