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Tonight Nikki Sixx March 23

March 23, 20152 min
MONDAY’S SHOW Nikki and Jenn catch up with Dennis Hof. He’s the owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch from HBO’s “Cathouse.” Now he’s sharing his secrets with his book “The Art of the Pimp.” He’ll tell us how he’s stayed on the right side of the law despite more than 20 years of pimpin. Also, how comedian Andy Kauffman had a role in his empire building. Dennis has also been hanging out with his ‘spiritual’ advisers Heidi Fleiss and Ron Jeremy. Dennis will even introduce us to his girlfriend, who he says is living proof that a woman can have a career after prostitution. Then, we’ll talk about people who spend too much time in the shower and what the appropriate wash cycle is. And why Nikki says Obama is wrong about making voting Mandatory.

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