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Vanilla Fudge Spirit Of 67

March 7, 201511 min
Vanilla Fudge was one of the first American groups to infuse psychedelia into a heavy rock sound to create “psychedelic symphonic rock,” an eclectic genre which would, among its many offshoots, eventually morph into heavy metal. At first, the band did not record original material; they were best known for their dramatic heavy, slowed-down arrangements of contemporary pop songs which they developed into works of epic proportion. Originally, Vanilla Fudge was a blue-eyed soul cover band called The Pigeons, formed in New Jersey in 1965 with organist Mark Stein, bassist Tim Bogert, drummer Joey Brennan and guitarist, vocalist and US Navy veteran Vince Martell. At that time, the East Coast, in particular New York and New Jersey, had developed a sound uniquely its own. Inspired by groups such as The Rascals and The Vagrants (fronted by guitarist Leslie West later of Mountain fame), The Pigeons reworked many of their own existing arrangements of covers to reflect their unique interpreta

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