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Wavy Gravy One Man Show

September 29, 201410 min
On the flipside of the 45th Anniversary of Woodstock and his role as emcee, the original clown activist will take the stage at City Winery on October 20th in New York City to debut his One Man Show. Take a comedic and insightful trip thru 78 years of one extraordinary life by the self-described "Hippy Icon, Flower Geezer & Temple of Accumulated Error." Gravy muses on many celebrated names and seminal moments in pop culture from Woodstock to San Francisco's seminal 1960s improv group the Committee to the many stages he stood on with The Grateful Dead. Wavy is the original activist clown and former frozen dessert (a reference to his onetime celebrity as a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor). He talks about his life and times with everyone from Albert Einstein to Lenny Bruce (his first manager) to Bob Dylan to B.B. King giving Wavy his name. "Some people tell me I'm a saint, I tell them I'm Saint Misbehavin,." Wavy says. “I love telling great stories about Bill Graham, Marlene Dietric

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