Unplugged & Totally Uncut

WBT Remembers Casey Kasem

June 16, 201410 min
I've always believed in radio listeners knew more about why that guy or girl got on the radio. They'd spend more time realizing how important it is to locate their own dreams and do them. 100% of all radio people are here because something in their soul said, "Do it." As for what influenced it? Those already doing it. A passion for music and or performance. There's more to the man behind the curtain than listeners see. Until the day we hear of the news of losing Casey. Then one by one the on air talent comes clean. They step away from the presentation of who they've become. One by one we let listeners see our true story. It's people like Casey that held the flashlight leading into this huge dark world. And because of him. The journey paints a portrait to be held by a new generation of listeners. Thank you so much Bo Thompson of WBT Charlotte for giving me the opportunity to share the connections made while being heavily influenced by Casey Kasem. It is my deepest wish

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