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Weird Al Yankovic Mandatory Fun

July 15, 201414 min
"Weird Al" Yankovic will be back next month with his first new album in three years. The veteran pop parodist announced over Twitter that the record will be released on July 15th, after teasing the news with several hints of a "big important cryptic announcement coming." The final tweet was an image of Yankovic dressed in what appears to be a Russian military uniform over the date in a Soviet-reminiscent script. Although the title and track list for the new album have not yet been released, a couple of hints have emerged. Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Yankovic had approached Iggy Azalea backstage at KS107.5's Summer Jam in Colorado to ask permission to parody one of her songs. Patton Oswalt also dropped a tantalizing clue on Twitter back in May. "Just listened to @alyankovic's upcoming album & I am in awe," he wrote. "He satirizes a band I've worshiped since the 90s & it...is...beautiful." The new release will be Yankovic's 15th studio album and his first since 2011's Alpocalyps

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