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Healing Relationships, Week 3 - 2/18/14

February 18, 201464 min
Healing Relationships, Week 3 - 2/18/14 - Tuesday Radio Show
with Ryan Westbrook-Vigue, Ministerial Student

This week's host Ryan shares from the Text, Ch. 16, IV. The Illusion and the Reality of Love, as we continue our month's theme on "Healing Relationships". As Ryan shared with those who join in, how special love and special hate pervades our lives. We have built barriers of separation between us and placed expectations where there should be none. Also the conversation focused on the barriers that we have to love and how "Love is not an illusion. It is a fact. Where disillusionment is possible, there was not love but hate." This turned the conversation to talking about the importance of communication. Miscommunication is a barrier to love and our brothers. Learn to inquire within so that we may communicate better with the Holy Spirit, ourselves and one another.

Recorded February 18th, 2014

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