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The China Coast Incident

December 16, 201331 min
I Love Adventure. April 25, 1948 "The China Coast Incident" A series of programs very much like "I Love A Mystery," but each story is complete in itself. The same three adventurers, Jack, Doc, and Reggie, star. Jack and Reggie only in the first eight episodes, Jack and Doc appear in episodes nine through thirteen. The "21 Old Men of 10 Gramercy Park" send Jack on a trip to Saigon to bring back a scientist and his secret invention. Jack winds up sinking a pirate submarine. Michael Raffetto, Carlton E. Morse (producer), Tom Collins, Jeanne Bates, John McIntire, Everett Glass, Russell Thorson, Tom Collins, Earl Lee, Janet Logan, Harry Lang, John Paul Scofield (writer), Rex Koury (organ), Dresser Dahlstead (announcer)

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