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August 13, 201376 min

The Obama Administration Has Made Disgraceful Moves Dealing With Marijuana - No Army Can Stop an...
State's Rights? I don't think Obama has heard of them...

Amash Says House Leaders Withheld Key Document Before NSA Vote - No Army Can Stop an Idea
The junior Republican lawmaker who came narrowly close to defunding the National Security Agency with a recently proposed amendment says senior members of Congress kept other representatives in the dark about the NSA’s surveillance programs. Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan) wrote on his Facebook fan...

BREAKING: Gunman Takes 3 Hostages -- Updates Will Be Coming - No Army Can Stop an Idea
A gunman has reportedly taken at least three people hostage at a bank in St. Joseph, Louisiana, a small town of barely 1,000 people that straddles the state’s border with the Mississippi River. The Associated Press reports that an unknown man armed with some type of automatic weapon entered the…

Hospital Technician Infected Dozens with Hepatitis C - No Army Can Stop an Idea
What kind of person does something like this?
Prayer for President Barack Obama
The prayer that he wanted to say for our President is priceless

Meet Planet GJ 504b - No Army Can Stop an Idea
Pretty In Pink

Teen Denied Life-Saving Heart Transplant Due to ‘Non-Compliance’ - No Army Can Stop an Idea
I know plenty of "non-compliant" people who still get treatment...

NFL's New Clear Bag Rule Angers Fans -- No! You Can't Bring A Purse To A Football Game, What's...
No purses for you

Google Messaging Service Hacked, Sends Malware to Android Users - No Army Can Stop an Idea
Thanks Kaspersky for telling us

Julian Assange Might Win A Seat In Next Month's Australian Election - No Army Can Stop an Idea
And he could even have some power.

Director of Intelligence Clapper will Head ‘Independent’ NSA Review Group - No Army Can Stop an Idea

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