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Angel Clark Show W/ Art Harman

August 5, 201376 min
Art Harman is the Senior Science and Space Advisor to Congressman Steve Stockman (R-TX-36), who represents NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Mr. Harman is the founder and Director-Emeritus of the Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration, and has worked in the public policy arena for three decades in the Nation's Capital; he is a powerful advocate for launching a bold space program. He is also a policy analyst in other fields of importance, a television producer, photographer, and served on the board of directors of two non-profits.

Mr. Harman believes Americans can solve any problem and reach the furthest frontiers thanks to our history and culture of freedom. Space exploration truly is "American Exceptionalism" defined. He's traveled extensively in the world and returned home each time with greater appreciation for other cultures as well as renewed appreciation for the liberties Americans often take for granted. He's been behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet era, witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall, and saw first-hand the remarkable changes in the Post-Soviet era.

Mr. Harman is a frequent analyst and commentator on radio and television; and is a member of AIAA, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
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