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Police State Monday: Cops Terrify Childr

May 12, 201476 min
Every Monday, the Angel Clark Show is dedicated to highlighting police abuses.

Today we discussed:
Family seeks help with schizophrenic family member, police arrive and tase, shoot him

Deputies close in on Michael Blair. (Source: Blair family video)

A family received more than they bargained for when they requested the help of local police in dealing with a mentally ill family member. To “defuse” a situation involving a delusional man who had locked himself in a bathroom with a knife, police kicked in the door, screamed obscenities, tased him several times, and finally shot him to death. The horrifying scene was captured through a hidden camera set up by family members who were distrustful of police.
Mother and 4 children terrified during late night police raid on wrong apartment

Jessica Walker describes how she tried to cover herself but was then told to "put her hands up." (Source: KERO)

An innocent family was terrified when their home was invaded by militarized police officer

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