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Beer Sessions Radio - Episode 186 - The Culture of Cider

October 22, 201353 min
This week on Beer Sessions Radio, host Jimmy Carbon is in the studio with a full house of beer enthusiasts to talk cider! Today's guests include Sean McCain of Bronx Brewery, Sam Smith of Samuel Smith Brewery, Ben Sandler of QUeens Kickshaw, John and Begonia of Rowan Imports, and David Spies of Angry Orchard. Tune-in to learn more about different ways to produce cider, what to look for when trying cider, and which cider breweries to look out for during the continuing Cider Week New York. How does cider making differ from traditional brewing methods? How has cider's popularity changed recently in today's food and drink industry? This program has been sponsored by

"It's all about having the best, natural ingredients - no adjuncts, chemicals, nothing like that." [46:31]

-- Begonia on Beer Sessions Radio

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