Best Bets for Pets - Best Bets for Pets - Episode 55 Whimzees and Tick SR

August 21, 201335 min
Michelle Fern welcomes Roelof Kunst, senior vice-president of sales and marketing for Whimzees. Whimzees are flavorful dental dog treats in fun shapes your dog will love. Totally edible, they are made of natural vegetables with no added chemicals, wheat, gluten or meat byproducts. Nice and chewy, they also help freshen breath and reduce plaque build-up on the dog's teeth. Dental health is as important for dogs as it is for humans, Whimzees dog treats make it easy.

In the second segment Michelle speaks to Beth Eimbinder, vice-president of sales at Tick SR and author, dog trainer and pet expert, Nikki Moustaki to talk about the unpleasant topic of ticks! Tick-SR is a new patented product that safely and easily removes ticks. It works by dissolving the glue that ticks use to attach to a dog. It also works to prevent the tick from being able to feed. Once the glue is gone, and the food supply is removed, the tick releases.

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