Best Bets for Pets - Best Bets for Pets - Episode 70 Beauty Kitchen and The Fifth Paw

February 6, 201430 min
Michelle Fern welcomes Heather Marianna, creator of Beauty Kitchen. Beauty Kitchen brings you tips and tricks on staying 'Spa Fabulous' without the Spa Prices- including Lucky Luciano's Unisex Pet Perfume and Pet Shampoo. Created by Beauty Kitchen this Botanically enriched luxury mist will leave your furry friends coat shiny, silky and smooth. Between baths or after grooming, this fragrant spa-quality mist will neutralize odors, silken and soften and add an all natural shine to your pets coat!

In the second segment Michelle chats with Stephen Longo, creator of The Fifth Paw. As the proud dad and chief dog walker of his two Great Danes, Caesar & Chloe, Stephen doesn't need to tell you what a great bonding experience going for a walk can be. But holding onto a leash while carrying full bags of dog doody until they got home was not only a drag but also unsafe. Affordable and easy to use, The Fifth Paw is now available for pet parents everywhere to facilitate a more sanitary and satisfying walk for all.

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