Best Bets for Pets - Best Bets for Pets - Episode 75 Spinz and DoggerJogger

May 1, 201433 min
Michelle Fern chats with Brooke Bonell, Director of Product Development - Consumables for Fetch4Pets, to talk about their new Spinz treats for dogs. Swivel-style design gives these interactive dog chews a fling-able, twisting challenge your dog will love. Spinz 100% Edible Chew Toys for dogs feature two irregular-shaped legs that are joined in a swivel-like center. Go ahead and swing, fling, or launch them for your pet. Spinz Toys deliver a delicious treat that creates interesting motion to occupy and entertain your dog.

In the second segment Michelle talks to Bill Braman, owner and inventor of The DoggerJogger Bike Dog Leash. The DoggerJogger is the easiest way to give your dog its best quality of life. A fit dog is happy and healthy, and the DoggerJogger Bike Dog Leash is the fastest and most fun way to give your dog the level of exercise that it so desperately needs! You maintain control and proper speed while your dog jogs comfortably. The DoggerJogger attaches to your bike in two places: on the bike frame near the rear axle and at the pedal.

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