Best Bets for Pets - Best Bets for Pets - Episode 91 OurPets and Wag!

February 9, 201528 min
This week Michelle Fern talks to Gabriella DeSantis, Vice President of Marketing at OurPets. OurPets cat toys are more than just toys They’re tools to enrich and reward kitty, awaken her natural instincts, and bring her closer to her human parents. From Play-N-Squea toys that stimulate hunting instinct to Cosmic Catnip products that encourage healthy play and grooming to Go! Cat Go!® toys designed to stimulate all the senses, OurPets cat toys provide a full range of tools to keep kitty happy and healthy and solidify the pet/parent bond.

In the second segment, Michelle chats with Jason Meltzer, creator of Wag!, the dog walker app. Wag's mission is to make it much easier to own a dog by providing your dog the care it deserves while giving you the flexibility you deserve. Whether you need a dog walker instantly or on a recurring basis Wag has you covered. You can track your dog's walks LIVE on our GPS map, and every time a walk is complete you will receive a report card featuring a photo or video from the walk, distance walked, duration of the walk, and even whether your dog peed or pooped!

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