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(2016/04/05) Understanding the 2016 election conservative wedge issue (Trans Rights)

April 5, 201674 min
Edition #1004
Today we take a look at the hate-mongering conservative, fright fest issue du jour, trans people being allowed to use public restrooms without harassment. Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate and ignorance, fear and hatred lead to voting for Republicans. That’s been their strategy for decades: exploiting fear of black people, brown people, drugs, gay people and now trans people.They’re always wrong about what they fear but that’s never stopped them before and it isn’t stopping them now.
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Show Notes
Ch. 1: Opening Theme: A Fond Farewell - From a Basement On the Hill
Ch. 2: Act 1: Transphobia is the new conservative wedge issue for the 2016 election - Backtalk from @BitchMedia - Air Date 3-31-16
Ch. 3: Song 1: get real - the mountain firework company

Ch. 4: Act 2: .@SarahEMcBride on the fallout of legislating discrimination effects many groups - @TalkPoverty Radio - Air Date 3-25-16
Ch. 5: Song 2: Cospiratore - Old Splendifolia

Ch. 6: Act 3: .@chasestrangio on the reality of transmisogyny around the bathroom lies - @HumorlessQueers - Air Date 3-26-16
Ch. 7: Song 3: Mothers of the Night - Moby

Ch. 8: Act 4: .@dominicholden on NC causing the otherwise nonexistent problem they're trying to solve - @FakeDanSavage - Air Date 3-29-16
Ch. 9: Song 4: Turtle (Bonobo Remix) - Pilote

Ch. 10: Act 5: Bullied by the Government North Carolina Sued After Enacting Sweeping Anti-Transgender Law - @DemocracyNow - Air Date 03-29-16
Ch. 11: Song 5: Le Moulin - Yann Tiersen

Ch. 12: Act 6: Fight North Carolina’s LGBT Discrimination Law via @ACLU_NC and @EqualityNC #NoHateInMyState #WeAreNotThis - Best of the Left Activism
Ch. 13: Song 6: This Fickle World - Theo Bard

Ch. 14: Act 7: .@ivancoyote: Why we need gender-neutral bathrooms - @TEDTalks - Air Date: 2-26-16

Ch. 15: Learning to care about the economy - Michael in Eugene, OR
Ch. 16: Earn this damn vote or lose - Gabriel from Pittsburg
Voicemail Music: Loud Pipes - Classics

Ch. 17: Final comments on voting and our theories of change
Closing Music: Here We Are - Everyone's in Everyone

Produced by Jay! Tomlinson
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