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02/14/14 Kym Yancey CEO eWomen Network

February 14, 201482 min
On This Episode : Kym Yancey and Kathryn Goetzke

Marketing to your customer can be a mind numbing process, luckily we have the leading expert stopping by our studio to make this an easier and productive tool. Yancey is considered one of North America’s premier marketing experts. He has a legacy of success and brings an avalanche of creativity, passion and business savvy to everything he touches. Previously, Kym was founder and president for 15 years to one of the top multi-cultural advertising agencies in the U.S. and was a finalist for Inc. Magazine’s “Entrepreneur of the Year.” Kym is committed to serving others and believes that success is an empty bag if you are not volunteering and giving back.

Can the color of lighting change the way you feel? It definitely can! Our guest Kathryn Geotzke, President and CEO of Mood-factory, created a company built to show consumers how to engage their senses to improve their moods. Initial product launch of Mood-lites included features in New York Daily, New York Magazine, Entrepreneur, Home, and InStyle with worldwide distribution in retailers. The company itself is preparing for a major product line extension of the Mood-lite brand, as well as additional complementary products aimed at engaging other senses. Make sure to tune in and learn all about foods you can eat to make your day stronger, more efficient, and happier!

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