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03/03/14 Nell Merlino CEO Count Me In

March 3, 201482 min
Nell Merlino is Founder, President and CEO of Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence, the leading national not-for-profit provider of resources for women to grow their micro businesses into million $ enterprises. She is author of “Stepping Out of Line: Lessons for Women Who Want It Their Way in Life, in Love, and at Work,” from Broadway Books, which is available from Throughout her career, Nell Merlino has been inspiring millions of people to take action. She is the creative force behind Take Our Daughters to Work Day, which moved more than 71 million Americans to participate in a day dedicated to giving girls the opportunity to dream bigger about their future. Through Count Me In, Nell is now inspiring women entrepreneurs to dream big and achieve even more. She is leading a global movement to empower women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses to a million dollars and beyond by providing tools, resources, and a supportive community of their peers. Count Me In’s Make Mine a Million $ Business program reaches women entrepreneurs in communities around the country through events and on-line community. This movement will not only add millions of jobs and billions of dollars of economic activity, but take women to new levels of independence, empowering them to act as economic leaders.

One of the most difficult obstacles in life is dealing with change. Usually this means a lot of tough decision in a small amount of time. So how do you deal with change, and is it good for business? Doc Barham is a transformation expert, coach, consultant, and speaker. Over the last 15 years, Doc has established a global reputation as a cutting edge change expert and coach for many of the world’s most exceptional individuals and organizations. He is a coach, trained in NLP, neurofeedback and biofeedback. He is certified as a hypnotherapist, a one-on-one trainer for The Institute of Heartmath, an outreach trainer for The Monroe Institute, and a Reiki practitioner. Doc’s writings and transformational work have recently been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, Psychology Today, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and on PBFS.

When there is an issue we usually resort to settling. Not Jenny Buettner! She saw a problem and rightly fixed it! Jenny is the designer, creator, CEO and the founder of Shibue Couture, which began, with a creative new line of innovative solution products for women in 2008. Prior to her launch of Shibue Couture Jenny has been known for her forward-thinking and is a respected leader in Huntington Beach, California with an extensive history of successful sales and customer service experience. For over 19 years she had been a top real estate agent, selling premiere properties in the Huntington Beach area.

Do you have a passion for blogging? Is it the first thing you do when you wake up? What if you have great content, but just can’t seem to grab an audience? When Tiffany Romero founded The Secret is in the Sauce (aka The SITS Girls) in 2008, its objective was simple: To create a space where bloggers could find their tribe and grow their audience. Although the site has evolved over the years, its commitment to this mission has not changed. Today, the brand is managed by women who are passionate about blogging and creating a resource for others to find support online and learn the skills they need to become social media savvy.Our network of 75,000 members come to The SITS Girls site to see who we are featuring from the blogging community, learn the technical skills they need to be successful online, and chat in our discussion forum.

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